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What is the purpose of the Model Portal?

The portal serves four purposes:

  1. Connect Designers and Models. In order to create a perfect show, the designers need to find models, that fit their vision. So we want to give the Models an opportunity to present themselves.
  2. Gather Model information required for legal purposes. At a show like Avantgardista, where many pictures and videos will be made, it is important for all parties involved to have a reliable legal base for publication. For this, we need the addresses of every model.
  3. Create a matching of models and designers. When planning the running order of the shows, it is important to know, who is walking for wich designers. We aim to give models walking for two designers at least one show in between to get dressed for the next show.
  4. Gather images for use in promotional material and social media. We use the photos you provide to create personalized promotional material for you to use.

What can designers see?

Designers see a model directory that shows all models with their profile and background images. Important: This directory only shows models, who have both a profile and a background image set in their profile. By clicking on a profile, designers can see the detailed information like your measurements and experience. The can not see your personal address.  

I am a model and I already know, which designer(s) I will be working for. Do I need to fill out the Form?

Yes. See reasons two through four above.  

How do models and designers communicate? I don’t see a forum or something similar.

We don’t want to create yet another means of communication. You already have enough: Email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So we rely on them. Designers can use whatever means they prefer to contact models.  

How does the booking process work? Once a model and a designer are in agreement to work together, the designer will notify model management, who will make the booking visible here.

I have further questions. Who can I ask? You can reach us under these addresses: